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January 26th, 2019

Looms, Wheels and Laughter

Another great afternoon at The Workshop.  It was good to see so many different skills being practised – Sharon knitting with hand spun, hand-dyed yarn; Maureen lacemaking; Debby, Margaret and Cathy spinning for England; Geri creating a warp on a mill; Linda spinning (she got her first taste only 3 days ago and is “off”; Jenny helping Pat learn how to warp a floor loom; Ann Marie using her expertise to help and encourage several of us in turn; Sandra and Tim putting a warp on the rug loom.  (Some of us had to do boring stuff – admin and diy – but it’s all part of being a member of our thriving Guild.)

handspun hat


As always, there is time for a reviving cup of tea!


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