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March, 2019

March Madness at the Workshop, with much spinning, weaving dyeing and other woolly crafts taking place.

We are very grateful for Jenny for not only spending much time this month, warping up the looms, giving two talks on her life as a weaver, and inspiring us all to start (or re-start) weaving, but also for very generously donating her lovely Glimakra Countermarch 8 shaft floor loom to the guild.

Thank you Jenny very very much.


A very busy workshop, but still time for tea and a chat

Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing

Pat has made some beautiful lace

Shelia has produced some amazing needle-felting.

Val showed how to spin on a traditional spindle using a distaff, medieval style.

Debbie and her new wheel produced some lovely yellow, blue and grey yarn …ready for the “coast to coast”  Worstead Festival Challenge?


We held button making and basket making workshops:-

Michelle led the granny basket workshop

Rosemary led the button making workshop, where name badges for guild were given a makeover.


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