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Worstead heritage and Guild recognised

Since its beginning in 1972, the Worstead Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers has often attracted the attention of the media, and so when the producers of the high-quality paint – Farrow & Ball – asked them to help promote one of the colours in their new range for 2016, it was more than happy to be involved. The colour is Worstead Grey, and Guild Members began to plan the creation of true worstead cloth – from fleece to finished fabric.

The long curly locks of a Wensleydale sheep were hand-dyed, hand-combed, hand-spun and finally hand-woven on the huge vintage floor loom that still stands in St Mary’s Church, and three Members were photographed and filmed carrying out those same skills that made the Village famous, and led to the building of the Church.

F&B Worsted 01

F&B Worsted 02

F&B Worsted 03

F&B Worsted 04

F&B Worsted 05

F&B Worsted 06

F&B Worsted 07

All of this happened in the summer of 2015, and was kept “under wraps” until now. February 1st at 2 pm is the date and time chosen to launch Farrow & Ball’s latest range of period-colour paints, and Worstead Guild Members are looking forward to their ancient crafts being utilised to promote a high-quality product worthy of the name “Worstead Grey

F&B Worsted 08

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